What's included in our UNC V1 & V2 Ceramic package

We first start off with a snowfoam pre rinse to safely loosen and remove dirt and grime on your vehicles exterior. 

Our classic 2 bucket contact wash is completed to get prepare the vehicle for the next stages. 

The vehicle undergoes an intense dectontamination to remove bonded contaminants.

A single stage paint correction is completed to ensure the paint is looking as good as it can be after a single pass before locking it in with the ceramic coating.

Panel prep is used to wipe down panels after polishing to remove polishing oils before applying waxes, sealants & coatings.

A layer of UNC V1 ceramic is applied to all painted areas on your vehicles exterior. 

A final layer of UNC V2 Ceramic is applied ontop of V1 to ensure the full durable 3 year coating is achived.