Sign Writing Removal

Sign writing is a huge part of a companies advertisement, but when it comes to selling a work vehicle that has sign writing it can either be difficult to sell or a real time consuming job to remove and if done wrong it can cause damage to the paint. 


There are ex work vehicles on the road that have had the sign writing removed but the ghost lettering is still visible. this is due to the vehicles paint has faded or has been damaged by poor washing and where the lettering has been the paint is still brand new, this can look unsightly and in a way the vehicle is still representing the old company it serviced.


 With a paint correction after the sign writing has been removed it can completely remove any existence that there was any sign writing on the vehicle, on the plus side  you will have a work vehicle with a exceptional paint and ready to serve you a new term or sell for more moeny.  

Ex Plumbing Van

This Ford Transit served a plumbing company well but was sold onto a Gutter Cleaning company. This photo shows the vinyl being removed but the ghost lettering is still there.

Ex Plumbing Van Ready For Gutter Cleaning (click the photo)

This is the final result of our sign writing removal service. The paint is now looking fresh and free of all ghost lettering and ready to serve as a gutter cleaning van