Superior Alloy Wheel Protection

Say goodbye to kerb damage and end parking nightmares

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We believe that protecting your vehicle should be possible without compromising its original appearance. With clever design, robust protection and discreet looks you’re in good hands.

Save money

WHEELUV™ shrugs off impacts with kerbs when parking your car, lessening the risk of wheel damage and helping save you the cost and time wheel repair or replacement.

Protect wheel appearance

WHEELUV™ alloy wheel protectors are a winning combination of robust protection & discreet styling, maintaining the original look of your car.


We don’t pull any punches and neither do our products. WHEELUV™ wheel rim protection is built to withstand the elements and is backed with a 1 year guarantee.

What WHEELUV™ offers you

✔ Helps protect your alloy wheels
✔ Easy to use with run flat tyres
✔ Discreet & stylish
✔ Colours remain stable
✔ OEM quality standards
✔ Won’t damage your wheels
✔ Loves diamond cut wheels
✔ Tyre change compatible

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Black, Silver, Anthracite, Red, Blue


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